Vancouver Canucks

2023.24 Media Access Policy


The Vancouver Canucks media access policy has been created to consider the evolving landscape of reporting and covering hockey in Canada, North America and around the globe. These guidelines are intended to foster a positive relationship with rightsholders, traditional media, as well as new emerging media. Following best practices and policies of the National Hockey League and its member clubs, the primary objective of these procedures and protocols is to ensure a professional working environment and the delivery of accurate, truthful, and timely information that serves the goals and needs of both the media and hockey club. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working with you this upcoming season. Please contact Craig MacEwen, Director, Communications if you have additional questions. 


All media must request permission from the Vancouver Canucks Communications Department before entering the building (Rogers Arena), attending practices, games, and/or other hockey-related media access periods or events hosted by the team. Requests must come from an organizations management, editor, or corresponding supervisor. Only credential requests from accredited working media on specific assignment for a recognized news organization, sports publication, and multimedia outlet will be reviewed. 

Space in the Press Box is limited and demand for credentials is high, therefore, each media outlet and assigned journalist(s) requesting access will be considered on a case-by-case basis with consideration to their level of Canucks/NHL coverage, reach/audience size, journalistic professionalism, and other factors set forth by the hockey club. Non-sports media outlets will be considered on the basis of availability and assignment. Credential access decisions are subject to the sole discretion of the Vancouver Canucks. 

Season passes: Issued to accredited media members who cover the Vancouver Canucks on a regular basis as part of their work requirements. Applications can be submitted at when full season credential applications open.

Single Game Passes: Media members requesting a single-game media pass must make a request at least 24 hours prior to the game. Applications can be submitted via the linked Formstack page


Upon entering the arena via Gate 9 (south elevator) visiting team staff and all media requiring access to the visiting team's dressing room are asked to walk around the arena to the left through the loading bay. There will be no access through the Canucks hallway. Signs will be put up inside the arena to guide visiting staff and media accordingly.


The media entrance to Rogers Arena for the 2023.24 NHL season is Gate 9 on the South side of the arena on Griffiths Way. Gate 9 can be accessed on foot from Griffiths Way or from the South Elevators on level P1 of the parkade.

Please note: No underground parking will be provided on game nights.


Media access to Canucks players and personnel is in accordance with collectively bargained National Hockey League (NHL) and National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) media regulations, broadcast rightsholder and social media access policies.

All interview requests, both in-season and during the offseason, should go through the Vancouver Canucks Communications Department. We respectfully ask the media to not call/text/contact players, team personnel, coaches, and management individually and to instead submit all requests to the Communications Department.


Photographers on assignment from accredited newspapers, magazines, and wire services may apply for single game passes by submitting the request online at at least 24 hours prior to the game.

Assignment photographers will be designated a photo position. A chart detailing photo positions for the game will be posted at the Gate 9 credential table beginning two hours prior to puck drop.

Please note, photos of any kind are not permitted within the dressing room without prior approval from a member of the Communications Department.


Per the NHL’s broadcasting policy, only national rightsholders and the home and visiting team’s major market TV affiliates will be granted access to playing surface to shoot game action.

No video live/recorded reports or stand ups can be shot with the team on the ice without prior permission/approval from the Vancouver Canucks Communications Department.

Media availabilities, open practice sessions and other team activities on club premises may not be broadcast live by an individual or media outlet without prior permission/approval from the Communications Department. Moreover, no content can be streamed on traditional media (TV & Radio) or online by any media outlet without permission/approval from the Communications Department.

Accredited videographers are permitted to shoot media scrums only within the dressing room. Use of tripods and XLR cables longer than six feet is strictly prohibited.


The Press Box on L500 near the South Elevator will serve as the viewing area for all working media on game nights throughout the season and will also function as a media workspace following pre-game and practice media availabilities. Seating charts are posted at the credential table and throughout the Press Box. Please sit in your assigned seat only. 

Please note that the Media Room on L000 will not operate as a media workspace.


Free wireless internet is available throughout Rogers Arena. To join, select the Rogers Arena Guest Wi-Fi network, enter a valid email, and follow the prompts.


  • Besides audio recording of scrums and interviews, cell phones or other mobile devices with cell phone capabilities cannot be used for any purpose in the Canucks dressing and workout rooms at any time (NHL media regulation).
  • Reporters or photographers using an audio recorder, still camera or mini-cam for audio or video recording purposes must inform the person being interviewed (as well as Canucks Communications staff), prior to making any recording, if that recording will or may be posted on the internet.
  • Stock and general still and video images are not permitted to be taken in the dressing and workout rooms (E.g., you cannot stand at the entrance and pan the room or take stock and general images of players or the room).
  • All video must adhere to the NHL’s broadcast policy available on Material may only be used for editorial purposes.
  • Signs, lineups, notes and other personal items or information posted in and around the dressing room, player lockers, players’ lounge, coaches’ room, medical and gym areas are not to be reported on, shared, photographed, or captured on video via any media or medium at any time.

In addition to NHL media policy and as condition of media access to the Vancouver Canucks and Rogers Arena, Canucks Sports & Entertainment requests that every media guest:

  • Act with honesty and integrity,
  • Engage in factual and accurate reporting with particular emphasis on social media,
  • Seek out Canucks Communications staff for clarity and support whenever necessary,
  • Respect interview subjects by not misleading, parodying, or asking exploitative questions,
  • Comply with all policies and procedures detailed in the media credential application, NHL media guidelines and by the Canucks Communications Department,
  • Adhere to a professional standard no autograph policy,
  • Always have credential visible and accept that credentials are non-transferrable,
  • Direct interview requests for visiting team players to respective club PR representatives.

Please note that ignorance will not be an acceptable answer when not following policy and procedures. The Vancouver Canucks have a zero-tolerance policy regarding the aforementioned guidelines. Failure to follow and adhere to the Vancouver Canucks Media Policy and procedures will result in the suspension or loss of credentials and access by an individual or media outlet.

The Vancouver Canucks reserve the right to change the team Media Policy and procedures at any time without prior notice.